Using Self Hypnosis To Alleviate Stress

When someone suffers from stress and anxiety, they may find it difficult to perform their daily tasks. There are several ways one can help to reduce the amount of stress they feel. If the person does not care to try medication to help with this condition, they can try self hypnosis procedures to reverse the feelings they are experiences.

Self hypnosis uses self-suggestion to work. If the person performing self hypnosis does not believe it will work, it most likely will not. They need to be completely focused on relieving their anxiety and stress and need to suggest to themselves that the process will have a positive effect on them after it is performed.

For hypnotherapy to work, the person needs to be relaxed. There should be no outside distractions and they should be able to focus upon the problems causing their stress and law of attraction hypnosis anxiety to the fullest. They will want to be in a comfortable location where they have no time limits or worry of interruption.


The person should be motivated to have the hypnosis process give them positive results. If they are not in the mood to do the process properly, it is best to wait until they are able to focus intently on the hypnotic session.

Concentration will be key in a successful anxiety reducing session. The person doing the process will want to concentrate on their feelings for a bit before thinking about a single image to help them release their stress. This can be a picturesque beach, a favorite person, a pet or child, or anything they find makes them happy. They should close their eyes and think about this image and nothing else. This will instantly relieve stress and anxiety, allowing the to refocus energy elsewhere.

If someone decides to try self hypnosis, they can accompany it with other hypnotizing methods for added benefits. Seeing a therapist or watching hypnosis videos can be very helpful in getting to the underlying reasons for the stress and anxiety felt. The person can then do their own sessions in addition to these methods to get the maximum amount of relief from their condition.

When someone wishes to try this procedure, they can look up information online or ask their therapist for tips in hypnotizing themselves successfully. They can then set aside time to try the process on their own, and increase the amount of time or frequency if needed.


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